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Abe Khan

My professional background bears no resemblance to literary writingarmed with two MBAs, I spent my career in international marketing. My foray into the literary world happened by accident. After a setback in life, a friend suggested I write about it and read it to a writers’ group. Surprisingly, it produced a healing effect. Since then, I write periodically on subjects I feel strongly about or to document events that matter. My writings focus on the messages to be conveyed, unconstrained by linguistic or literary technicalities. Consequently, they tend to be rather imperfect—but then, so am I. They reflect who I am.

I especially enjoy writing about political, economic, and social issues facing the nation. In doing so, I serve an important societal purpose: to help keep the citizenry informed—so essential for preserving the democracy.

Now retired, I devote my time to writing, gardening, and volunteering for the elderly—taking care of their gardens, taking them for drives, helping them with technical issues, or just keeping them company.


© 2012  A. S. “Abe” Khan Trust

All rights Reserved

Life without You


It hurts to say how life goes by

A long day’s wait, some nights I cry

The life I knew has lost its charm

No piece of mind, no joy or calm


No spark of life or strength to flee

Your shadow always follows me

My life resembles a desolate land

I have no strength to sow this land


The ship of life, stuck in a storm

Colossal waves about to form

With broken keel, the hull will crack

With bending mast, the sails go slack


A lightning bolt strikes the deck

Then panic mounts the imminent wreck

The crew goes wild, in a state of flux

Neptune laughs who knows the crux


To guard the craft, I look for land

A tree, a hill, or stretch of sand

To save the lives, I pray to God

I get no answers, just a nod


I wait and wait to get a break

The God’s gesture, a total fake

The thundering clouds dim the skies

The air is filled with endless cries


The reefs abound where sharks surround

I veer the ship. I won’t go down

In a fit of fright the people dive

I boldly fight, persist ‘n’ strive


We don’t know when the journey ends!

The race to top, the twisty bends

The countless needs we die to meet

Will one day scatter at our feet


The time flies, good or bad

The urge to hoard, a passing fad

One by one we all will go

What survives is what we sow


“Insane,” you say-that may be so

No place is left for me to go

My mind is blank, but hope survives

That some day, somehow, you’ll arrive


Wherever I go, whatever I do

My wandering eyes look for you

The wish that one day I shall see

A glimpse of you to set me free


Life goes on, or so they say

Without my dreams, I say nay

I know I will not see you again

The hope persists, but all in vain


© 2012  A. S. “Abe” Khan Trust

All rights Reserved



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