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Rosalie Sanara Petrouske

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Rosalie was born and lived between two great lakes, Michigan and Superior. Her father said that her first word was water…her next word sky.  Her love for the lakes and nature was taught to her by her family—to appreciate the smell of lilacs, the velvet softness of a Mourning Cloak’s wing, the rustle of wind through fiddlehead ferns.  She grew up in nature in the pristine Upper Peninsula of Michigan where she cultivated her love for words and writing. Much of the imagery that she borrowed from that landscape appears in many of the poems she writes today.

Rosalie now lives in the Lower Peninsula in an older Victorian home built in 1910 with her teacher husband, her beautiful and talented daughter, Senara, and their dog, Hendrix. Every evening she walks by the river seeking daily healing and inspiration for her work. Rosalie is the co-founder of Writing at the Ledges.

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