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Seasons of Life

The second Anthology from Writing at the Ledges!

Seasons of Life is about the changes we all go through in this journey known as life, from birth and childhood, “Spring,” to the end of our time here on Earth, “Winter,” and the “seasons” in-between that make up the tapestry of our existence. Check out the great reviews in the sidebar!

An excerpt from the introduction:

Living in Michigan allows us the opportunity to embrace the seasons in all their splendor. This anthology, a showcase of 24 talented Mid-Michigan authors from Writing at the Ledges, combines the changing of the seasons with the changes we experience in life. Follow along from the renewal of spring, to summer’s promise of hope, through autumn’s vibrancy, and the inevitability of winter.

The poetry, essays, and short stories in this anthology weave their way through the stages of our lives, the seasons of the year…the Seasons of Life.

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Seasons of Life - Cover Front and Back


Group pic from back cover of Seasons of Life - October 2010

The exceptional authors of Seasons of Life!

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