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by RAY WALSH, of Lansing State Journal, published on 6-16-2018


“Promptly Speaking” is an intriguing compilation of contemporary local creativity.

This oversized, well-designed 276-page trade paperback, published by Jade Dragonfly Press, ($13.99) is the fourth anthology produced by the Writing at the Ledges group out of Grand Ledge.

It is scheduled for release on Friday, June 22.

The three editors, Rosalie Sanara Petrouske, Loraine Hudson and Mary Fox have compiled an unusual anthology, a potent mixture of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and memoirs.

It focuses on the responses by 18 members of the writers group to a variety of prompts – short phases, descriptions, events or even just a word or two.

At their meetings, the authors spend 15-20 minutes responding to a prompt – then sharing, reading it aloud to the group if they wish.
“Promptly Speaking”

Other members of the group may then offer their ideas – positive or negative, providing suggestions for changes or improvement – or simply note their thoughts about the work.

This book is a compilation of creative responses to assorted prompts, sometimes showcasing efforts by multiple writers, other times providing creativity by just one or two individuals.

“Promptly Speaking” could have simply been an accumulation of snippets of writing – but it’s enjoyably more complex.

The editors have wisely made it significantly more valuable by adding a 20-page section called “What We’ve Learned: Tips, Advice and What Inspires Us”.

This section also includes photographs of the authors – adding a more personal touch.

A brief, vital and extremely useful section near the end of the book provides a selection of 50 prompts that will be ideal for new authors and even creative, experienced writers.

Some of the authors included are April Allison, Karen Marie Duquette, Mary Fry, Sarah Hauck, Sandy Kallen and Susan Kaminga.

A.S. “Abe’’ Khan and Phil Kline each offer contributions with absorbing biographical insights, while Randy Pearson and G.S. Scott showcase strong, memorable characters.

The anthology also offers works by Colleen Nye, Kristina Pierson, Shelby Pontius, Kerry Tietsort and Carolyn Tody.

Nearly two dozen poems are interspersed, including verse by the editors, Rosalie Sanara Petrouske, Loraine Hudson and Mary Fox.

For more information, visit the group’s website at:

Book signing

“Promptly Speaking” Release Celebration at Everybody Reads, 2019 East Michigan Ave., Lansing on Friday, June 22, 5-7 p.m.

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