Small Towns Cover


Michigan’s Small Towns Make The Big Time In A New Anthology

Small towns are all the rage and you’ll know why after reading the new anthology of writing recently published by the Writing at the Ledges, a Grand Ledge, Michigan writer’s group.

The writing group decided to do the anthology around a specific theme and what better theme than small towns and all their peculiar and particular trappings. Chapters read like a guide to every small town you’ve ever visited -except on the Plains-where they don’t have much water.

However, this isn’t your typical anthology compiled by a writer’s group. For one, the writing is original, imaginative and revolves around themes ranging from “Corner Cafe” to “Country Roads”.

The 300 page plus book also has very good production values and the cover art is striking. I don’t think there is a typo in the book and that can be attributed to the editors who say they probably went through it 100 times.

If you are from a small town or want to be this book makes a great Christmas present. You can learn more on the group’s website.