Small Towns: A Map in Words

Small Towns Cover

Small Towns is a wonderful collection of short stories, poems and essays celebrating life in one of the many small communities that make up the landscape of the United States.

This anthology showcases the talent of 14 Michigan authors in 52 unique pieces, including a “murder mystery romance” novella set in Grand Ledge, Michigan.

Sept 18 2009 – The second printing of Small Towns: A Map in Words, an anthology by Writing at the Ledges, is now complete and available for purchase!

Small Towns: A Map in Words is currently out of print.

Small Towns: A Map in Words Author Group

Reviews and Press Releases

From Ray Walsh of Lansing State Journal:

If you’ve ever lived in a small town or rural village, you’ll certainly enjoy an entertaining new book by a group of talented local writers based in Grand Ledge. It’s an intriguing literary anthology, including poetry, short stories, essays and a novella, smoothly capturing part of the flavor that makes life in small towns unique…

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From Bill Castanier of City Pulse:

The collection cuts to the essence of small towns, whether it’s Rosalie Sanara Petrouske’s powerful poetry or Candy-Ann Little’s crime novella…

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From Mittenlit:

However, this isn’t your typical anthology compiled by a writer’s group. For one, the writing is original, imaginative and revolves around themes ranging from “Corner Cafe” to “Country Roads”.  The 300 page plus book also has very good production values and the cover art is striking. I don’t think there is a typo in the book…

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