Voices from the Ledges

Voices from the Ledges

Writing at the Ledges has produced its third anthology, Voices from the Ledges. More than 20 authors contributed to the anthology, which includes short stories, poems and personal essays.  Some of the pieces will tug at your heartstrings, others will tickle your funny bone, and still more will spark and emotional connection to another place and time. That should be expected because Writing at the Ledges is a very diverse group.

Our backgrounds, beliefs, and politics vary as does our age range, the youngest not  yet 20 and our senior member just past 90. This anthology is our gift to you, without whom are words are, as the popular song goes, “dust in the wind.”

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From Bill Castanier of City Pulse on 5-29-2013:

The Grand Ledge writers’ group, Writing at the Ledges, thinks big — and thinking big this year resulted in a 387-page collection of essays, poems and short stories.

Since [Rosalie Sanara] Petrouske has helped compile and edit all three editions, in addition to contributing her own work, she is in a position to make informed observations. She said she believes this new edition, “Voices from the Ledges,” shows significant growth for several writers, including her.

She also pointed out a couple of new ideas that made it into this year’s collection, including the inclusion of three writers from Everybody Reads’ “Save the Independent Bookstore” short story writing contest this past year, which attracted 57 entries. The top three finishers were awarded publication rights in “Voices from the Ledges.”

One of the advantages of a collection is that all the work is different, ranging from humorous pieces to more emotional renderings. Jim Wiljonen, who has only been a member of Writing at the Ledges for two years, contributed four creative fiction pieces to the collection.

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