WATL Author Rosalie Sanara Petrouske Published in Wood Cat Review

Wood Cat Review is a new publication looking for writers and poets who capture the experience and spirit of life out of doors.  In 2014, Rosalie spent two weeks as part of the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness area Artist-in-Residence program enjoying life at Dan’s Cabin, writing and hiking the many trails throughout the area.  Her two essays “Solitude” and “Night Conversations” were written during her stay, and are part of a longer work titled “Lost in Solitude.”  Read them at: https://www.woodcatreview.com/

Six Years and Counting: Grand Ledge Writers’ Group Thrives

GRAND LEDGE — In honor of Writing at the Ledges’ fifth anniversary celebrated on July 17, 2010, the group’s oldest member, Alta C. Reed, wrote a short essay titled, “Five Years and Counting.”

“We were so moved that not only did we include this piece in our latest anthology, ‘Seasons of Life,’ we chose to honor this wonderful woman by giving Reed’s series of nostalgic memoirs its own section of the book titled, ‘Seasons of Alta.’” said group member Rosalie Petrouske.

One year later, Writing at the Ledges is stronger than ever. Continue reading Six Years and Counting: Grand Ledge Writers’ Group Thrives