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A Rally of Writers

A Rally of Writers – the 25th year!

This writer’s conference will be Saturday, April 14, 2012, at LCC West Campus

The keynote speaker…

Loren D. Estleman

“Writing is the Best Revenge”

And 16 breakout sessions, featuring:

Andrea King Collier · Multimedia Storytelling
Mark Crilley · Young Adult Graphic Novels
George Dila · Scenes in Fiction
Michael Dwyer
· Travel Writing
Loren D. Estleman
· Addressing the Market
Carol Finke · Magic Realism
Meagan Francis
· Parenting
Dennis Hinrichsen
· Poetry
Mardi Link
· Essay
Steven Piziks
· Nuts & Bolts; Paradox of Clichés
Lev Raphael
· E-Book Revolution
Rob Roznowski · Playwriting
Anita Skeen · Poetry; Collaboration

Luncheon speaker: Mardi Link
“Three Books, the Hard Way”

for more information, please visit their website, www.arallyofwriters.com

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