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A few days ago we posted the first Wading Through Water story by Ashtyn Rapp. Today we offer another one written in response to that prompt, by WATL member Shelby Pontius. Shelby has had the distinction of being the youngest member of our group, since she joined while still in high school.  Now she can be found walking the campus of Michigan State University where she studies fisheries and wildlife.

Wading Through Water

By Shelby Pontius

Beach_Lighthouse“Tyler!” I shouted as the beach ball sailed right over my head, landing with a wet smack in the lake far behind me. I glared at him as I turned to see where the ball had landed and of course the waves were large and crashing onto the beach as well as carrying the ball out further. They were probably cold waves too as lake Huron was apt to be. I turned back and surveyed my circle of cousins hoping for a friendly volunteer, but being family there was of course not one.

“Fine!” I said, stomping out into the water and trying not to flinch when the cool water hit my knees, then my waist. I had almost waded out far enough to grab it when a rogue gust of wind blew it out a little further.

“Of course.” I muttered, I could just picture all of my cousins laughing behind me.

I stared down the ball determined that this time I would grab it. I bent my knees, waited for a wave to pass and leapt straight for the ball, landing face first into the water. I should’ve known. I sat at the bottom with my face in the sand for a minute, cursing my ill luck before popping my head back up and smacking it right into the ball. I stared at it shocked it was right there before reaching and grabbing ahold, but instead of grabbing onto the rough plastic, I grabbed onto a hand. I let go immediately to look up at who was stealing my ball after I had tried so hard to catch it.

“Hey,” came a deep voice.

I looked up into the face of an angel, okay, maybe that was exaggerating, but he was cute.

“H-h-hi.” I managed to squeak out.

He smiled and I melted a little inside, “Can I play?”

“Uh, yea, sure.” I smiled to myself,  yup, sure was a good thing I went to get that ball.

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