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Thunder in the Distance – A Story

ROSALIECOMPUTER - Scan_20140827The Writing Prompt for this short story by WATL member Lori Hudson was, “There is distant thunder, but the sky is clear.”


“It isn’t that I don’t love you,” Jim said.  “We just need some space.  I think we should meet some new people.  Stay friends, for sure, but … like … not committed.  Or at least not so much.”

“What does that mean, ‘not so committed,’” I asked coldly.

“I mean, just, you know … we should try some new things.”

“What new things?”

“I don’t know, different things.  Why are you making this so hard?”

“Have you met someone?”

“No!  No!  That isn’t it at all.”

“Then what is it?”

“There isn’t any ‘it.’ I just think we should give each other room to explore.”

“You have met someone.”

“No!  I haven’t!”

Jim put his hand on his heart.  “I promise!  On my honor!  May lightning strike me dead if I’m lying.”

I heard thunder in the distance, but when I looked up, the sky was clear.


©2015 by Lori Hudson


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Some Dreams – A Poem

Sometimes we wish or dream for something that may take us to a place we didn’t expect to be.  The prompt for this poem was “Some dreams are dangerous.”  The poem was written by WATL member Mary Fox, who is a very gifted poet.


Beach by the Cabin_10



Some dreams

cloud our morning coffee

with foggy intentions

then exhale distorting mists,

cloaking barriers to blind us.

We grope through them

and find bruised knees.


Some dreams are seductive sirens;

they coo and entice us with sweet promises.

They are heart-pounding kisses,

embroiled in passion,

depleting us, infecting us, and leaving us bereft.


Some dreams grow relentless;

unheeding, treacherous vortexes,

they tornado around us, spinning us

dizzy in swirling kaleidoscope potential.


Some dreams are just reckless.

They hijack us at crossroads,

and, brakeless, run stoplights,

ram barricades

and ping-pong the curves.


Some dreams just slither round our hearts,

and wrapping themselves in

ever-tightening loops,

squeeze us breathless.


Some dreams—

just too dangerous

to ignore.


©2014 Mary Fox

©2014 Photo of Lake Superior taken by Rosalie Sanara Petrouske



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