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Marika’s Tattoo – A Story

The following story was written by Lori Hudson, a long-time member of Writing at the Ledges, at our May meeting where we were given the prompt: “She never should have gotten that tattoo.” It was such a great story, we decided to post it here for your reading pleasure. We hope  it will inspire you to write your own story in response to the prompt.

Marika’s Tattoo

by Loraine J. Hudson

Marika is my best friend. She will always be my best friend, and I will support her no matter what— no matter what she says, where she goes, or what she does.

She is the kindest person. She loves puppies, recycles her neighbor’s newspapers, carries spiders outside rather than kill them, marches against war. She even makes delicious brownies.

That is why when I walked down West Street with her yesterday, I glared at the mail delivery man when he burst out laughing.

And even though I think I’m a pretty kind person myself, I said, “Mind your own business!” to Mrs. Brogan when she said pityingly to Marika, “Oh honey…”

And I yelled, “Shut up!” at the college kids whistling and calling, “Hey, baby!”

Marika’s face was flaming red when that happened.

Marika has just one fault, and that is that she can’t spell.  She is such a terrible speller that I guess she didn’t realize “peace” is not spelled P-I-E-C-E.

Yes, Marika is my best friend, and I will support her no matter what she does, but she never should have gotten that tattoo.

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