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Writing Prompts

Current Writing Prompt (June 2012): TBA

Here are some of our previous writing prompts:

April 2010 Writing Prompt – This is the way spring came

May 2010 Writing Prompt – Changing with the season

Make a list of the ways in which you change with the season. List the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the different ways you spend your time, how you make your bed or take a bath– any changes you can think of.  (But don’t think too long. thinking interferes with writing.) Let your list tell you what you want to write about: choose something from what you’ve listed, and do an expanded writing. Turn it into a story, a brief memoir, or a poem.

June 2010 Writing Prompt – The air was different that summer

July 2010 Writing Prompt – Summers, growing up

August 2010 Writing Prompt – Write about An Overheard Remark

September 2010 Writing Prompt – “There’s a bar in Austin, Texas, called Jake’s Place.”

October 2010 – From Karen – a list of “random” items to be used in a piece (Sorry… I can’t seem to locate the list of items.)

November 2010 – Write about a song you love

December 2010 – These are the delicacies of a ruined evening

January 2011 – Write about something you bought mail order.

February 2011 – “This is how my heart was broken.”

March 2011 – “What I found under the snow.”

April 2011 – We had an “in-group” prompt

May 2011  – “It’s too soon to tell.”

September 2011 –  “That’s gonna leave a mark.”

October – Use the words moonlight, raven & ghastly.

November 2011 – Use the words cornucopia, trumpet and contender.

December 2011 – Under the Mistletoe

April 2012 – Write a poem or short story using the following three words somewhere within the text:  double,  strike,  peanuts

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